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Harnessing “positive stress” to boost tooth tissue regeneration

A study by researchers from the University of Hong Kong has shown that “positive stress” can be utilised to enhance the therapeutic potential of tooth stem cells by increasing their resistance to injury and disease.

2022-11-10T10:24:22+00:00November 10th, 2022|News|

No adverse effects of early fluoride exposure found on childhood development

An Australian study published in the Journal of Dental Research has provided evidence that exposure to fluoridated water is not negatively associated with child emotional and behavioural development.

2022-11-10T10:19:28+00:00November 10th, 2022|News|

Dentists across Scotland are testing AI programme that can identify dental cavities

A pioneering study is being carried out across dental practices in Scotland, in which software-driven by artificial intelligence (AI) is helping practitioners locate caries (cavities) more effectively.

2022-10-20T13:19:07+00:00October 20th, 2022|News|

People who receive periodontal care have better outcomes after heart attack, study finds

The conventional wisdom is that medical and dental care are related, but less is known about how dental care relates to health outcomes after acute incidents like heart attacks.

2022-10-20T13:18:54+00:00October 20th, 2022|News|

Dentistry study shows how ‘positive stress’ can boost tooth tissue regeneration

Stress is typically thought of as a negative phenomenon, but researchers at Hong Kong University (HKU) Dentistry found "positive stress" that can induce good changes in tooth stem cells to make them more resistant to injury and disease.

2022-09-14T11:36:49+00:00September 14th, 2022|News|

Water fluoridation: effective prevention for tooth decay and a win for the environment, research shows

Trinity College Dublin researchers, collaborating with University College London, have demonstrated for the first time the low environmental footprint of water fluoridation compared to other preventive measures for tooth decay.

2022-09-14T11:34:50+00:00September 14th, 2022|News|
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